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We see apps everyday, that are too specific. For instance, Playo. Helps you find sports players and clubs around you. But what I envision is the ability to generalize everything under the tag "Activities". So that you can do all those things together. Not only that, but have Machine Learning algorithms, for instance knn classifiers to match you with people around you who have had similar sequence of activity patterns. Certainly, will help you find people who are most compatible with you and are of the same nature so that you share the same taste of life and understand each other.

The idea seems dubious at first glance, but if you think about it, the concept of generalizing everything under activities helps you cover all basis, get a bigger market. The idea is that you would never be alone in anything you do.

During my first days at MIT, Manipal I didn't really know anyone here. And it helps if you have friends at the dinner table. What I realized that I shouldn't have been the only person who feels this way.

I obviously wanted to meet people, but I wanted to meet people who liked to do things I liked, who were doing the things I like, basically people I can relate the most to. So what I ended up making is an activity-based model.

The activity tab is the epicenter of everything happening on the website. Upon your activity and activity location, your interests the app manages to ensure that you are never alone, finds the best people for you to meet.

Based on your common interests, activity patterns, you can plan activities too!

The coolest thing about the platform is SIMP assistant which will be seamlessly synced with different organizations which would automate your lives. Currently I’ve given an example of how it would look like if MIT, Manipal’s timetable is synced with SIMP. So could so many other institutions and organizations, our day to day lives are destined to be automated! So now no more reminders! You will be notified about everything!You get notified about your interests too, so now you don't have to have different subscriptions for your different passions and interests!

You can subscribe to people so that you get notified about people you want to hang out with! You get notifications about people who are doing the same things as you and you can start a conversation online and meet up!

Basic features of a social network are present obviously!

Too much to handle? Everything here at Settings!